About Us

American Software, Inc. draws on more than 40 years of experience in finance management. In 1986, American Software began development of a Consumer Finance Management program, CreditStar, which is especially designed for medium and small-sized companies. The original development of CreditStar was as a DOS version, and over the course of many years numerous additional features were built into the program.

In 1995, American Software began development of the new, powerful Windows version. Over the years, we have expanded CreditStar to incorporate many advanced features that are only found in much more expensive systems. We are continually refining and innovating our system to bring even more powerful tools to our customers, making CreditStar a state of the art consumer credit financing application.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to assisting our clients in efficient management of finance contracts and increasing their business profitability, with the advantages of fast monitoring and communications.

Today, CreditStar still remains our flagship program. CreditStar’s technicians continue to develop and refine the operation and stability of the system for smooth, reliable and efficient performance. Using CreditStar, one person can manage up to 2000 accounts.

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Our Mission:

  • To develop the most complete and professional consumer credit management software available.
  • To promote high standards of professionalism in credit and collections management.
  • To promote the economic advantages of self managed credit offerings.
  • To service small and medium-sized companies, assisting them to become competitive and successful.

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