Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about CreditStar from our customers.

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Q: What makes CreditStar better than the other programs on the market?

A: In a word, Flexibility. CreditStar can be configured to meet your specific needs. It is a powerful, highly efficient, full-featured consumer finance management software program.


Q: Do you have to buy all the modules up front or can you buy one at a time?

A: CreditStar software is sold in modules so that you can add new modules to your software at any time.


Q: Can your software do all types of credit loans?

A: CreditStar can manage both Revolving Accounts and Installment Accounts.


Q: Can CreditStar send out monthly statements?

A: Yes, CreditStar notifies you when statements are due. It will generate monthly statements with one click of the mouse. You can also generate a single statement, or send statements to all the accounts at any time.


Q: You mention risk management; what is that?

A: Risk Management is CreditStar's method of evaluating a new account for credit approval. It uses its own credit scoring and cash flow systems. Credit Scores and Cash Flow percentage are kept in the Borrowers file for future reference.


Q: Is CreditStar easy to use?

A: CreditStar is a Windows-based application that is designed with the user in mind. There are many features that are automated for easy use. One person can manage up to 2000 accounts with very little training. You can set defaults for many of your common features to meet your unique loan servicing needs.


Q: I posted a payment incorrectly. How do I fix it?

A: The last payment made can be reversed by going to the customer account history and editing the particular payment.


Q: I need to be up and running with a finance software package as soon as possible. How quickly can I start using CreditStar once I purchase it?

A: The same day you receive the program.


Contact American Software at 1-800-617-8271 for additional information or to schedule a live web demonstration of CreditStar. Our knowledgeable technical staff is also available to assist you.