With In-House Financing,
You Create Sales & Customer Satisfaction

Your customers expect financing terms.  By offering your clients In-House financing you make the sale and retain customer satisfaction and loyalty.  Customers will come back to you because they already have established credit with you.  According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Customer Satisfaction is the indicator of financial results.  Find out how CreditStar Financing Software makes it possible

When you close a sale, you’ve already done most of the work; you’ve done the hard grunt work of closing the sale, you’ve filled in the credit application and finance contract. The finance company’s only cost is the credit report. Then they charge you a discount of up to 12% to buy the contract once they approve it. Add the discount to the interest and fees, and you can see the amount of profit that you’re giving away.
But let’s take a closer look:

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You’ve earned the profit – and you should keep it. Now, with CreditStar software you can keep that extra hard-earned profit and manage your own finance contracts with surprising ease. Our powerful finance management system puts all the tools you need right in your hands.

CreditStar provides the "Management Opportunity"

How easy and powerful is it? Read on and learn how CreditStar does the work for you.

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